Working Content

Gurgarath Resurgence
Current version Alpha 1.0.6

Available Race (Male & Female)



Arahan Warrior 17.5 Balanced

Mental Warrior 17.5 Balanced

Archery Ninja 17.5 Balanced

Blade-Fight Ninja 17.5 Balanced

Black Magic Sura 17.5 Balanced

Weaponry Sura 17.5 Balanced

Dragon Force Shaman 17.5 Balanced

Healing Force Shaman 17.5 Balanced

Instinct Lycan 17.5 Balanced

Empire Maps

All Castles are available in time of war...

Joan is working

Bokgjung is working

Waryong is working

Songpa is working

Castle Listhmos ⚔ is working

Pyungmoo is working

Bakra is working

Imha is working

Daeyami is working

Castle Dendera ⚔ is working

Yongan is working

Jayang is working

Jungrang is working

Miryang is working

Castle Milgaard ⚔ is working

Neutral Maps

No one claimed these lands, but it does not make them less dangerous...

Seungryong Valley Ork Valley

Dark Temple Cultist Temple

Yongbi Desert Land of the arachnids

Doyumwhaji Fire land

Sohan Mountain Glacial Peak

Ghost Forest Cursed Trees land

Red Forest No rest in these lands

Entrance of the Demon Tower Foul open place

Snakefield Forgotten village

Giant Wasteland Village of the Giants

Indoor Maps

Step a food inside to met treacherous foes...

Hasun Dong Ape Dungeon - Easy

Jungsun Dong Ape Dungeon - Normal

Sangsun Dong Ape Dungeon - Hard

Demon Tower Tower of the malevolents

Devil's Catacomb House of the Devil

Spiders Dungeon Entrance of the spiders lair

Spiders Dungeon (2nd floor) Deepness of the cave

Spider Cave (3rd floor) End of the labyrinth

Spider Baronness Nest Dead-end of the cave

Grotto of Exile Numerous warriors died here

Grotto of Exile (2nd floor) Cultist outpost

Dragon Lair Room of Beran-Setaou

Red Dragon Fortress Blazing Purgatory

Nemere's Watchtower Chilled Monster place

Dark Dragons

A New World filled with new dangers...

Cape Dragon Fire Port of the New World

Nephrite Bay Bay of the Shipwrecks

Thunder Mountains Top of the World

Guatama Cliff Cove and Seashore

Other Zones

Have some rest or have some fight, use your mind or your heart...

Combat Zone


Wedding Map

Guild War (Flag)

Guild Wars

Arena Event Map


Great rewards await great fighters...

White Oath Hideout is soon to be available(Soon to be scripted)

Pirate Island is soon to be available(Soon to be scripted)

Devil Tower is available

  • 8 Floors are fully scripted
  • Metin Floor is fully scripted
  • Demon King is fully scripted
  • Keys are fully scripted
  • Resurrected Demon King is fully scripted
  • Blacksmiths are fully scripted & fixed
  • Parchments are fully scripted
  • Death Reaper is fully scripted
  • Blue Death room is under development

Devil's Catacombs are available

  • 7 Levels are fully scripted
  • Maze is fully scripted
  • Tartaros is fully scripted
  • Charon is fully scripted
  • Azraël is fully scripted

Beran Setaou is available

  • Metin and their behaviours are fully scripted & official like

Blazing Purgatory is available

  • Isfet Stele is fully scripted
  • Ignitor is fully scripted
  • Purgatory Fire Metin is fully scripted
  • Razador is fully scripted

Nemere's Watchtower is available

  • Race Restriction is fully scripted
  • Frost Key is fully scripted
  • Metin of Cold is fully scripted
  • Szel is fully scripted
  • Frostflower Key is fully scripted
  • North Dragon Pillar is fully scripted
  • Nemere is fully scripted

Jotun-Thrym is available

  • Healers are fully scripted
  • Jotun-Thrym is fully scripted

Meley's Lair is available

  • Guild entrance is fully scripted
  • Meley is fully scripted

Zodiac Temple is available

  • Zodiac Temple is fully scripted
  • Bosses are fully scripted
  • Floors are fully scripted
  • Merchant is fully scripted

Hydra's Ship(Coming Soon)

Nethis Serpent Queen is available

  • All conditions are fully scripted & official-like
  • Glove Blacksmith is fully scripted
  • Shackle affect is fully scripted
  • Nethis is fully scripted