The Unstucker

The Unstucker

By Gurgarath Apr 14, 2023 1:11 PM

The Unstucker

The Unstucker is a brand new addition to the website that you can access through your "Account" menu once logged in. It will allow you to easily unstuck a character.

Even though it is really rare, or actually impossible to get stuck in a wrong map on Gurgarath there are still some scenarios in which you can get stuck in a rock, or in a clutter or slightly shift into a wall. For that scenario, the anti-stuck created on the server should trigger, but it can fail.

A future addition in the game will be an "unstuck" command. This command will allow any player to teleport within the walkable boundaries of the map, if stuck and on demand. However, The Unstucker has its role to play in the meantime and will remain even after the addition of the said command.


How to use it?

The Unstucker allows you to easily select your character and to unstuck it. The selected character will be unstucked 7 minutes after you clicked on the button. Make sure not to relog during that time.

7 minutes after the original click on the button, you will be able to freely log-in on the freshly unstucked character.

An unstucked character will be warped to the city center of the capital city of your empire. To avoid any abuse, you can unstuck one character every 10 minutes.

We wish you to spend a wonderful time with us, on Gurgarath Resurgence.

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