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Ores Chests

Apr 23, 2023 6:19 AM1 Views     0 Comments

Spotlight #2




Welcome on the second spotlight! The spotlight today is upon a new feature that was added during the Alpha 1.0.5. Designed to diversify the experience and to offer a wonderful crossroad between farming, chest-opening and ore-mining. The Ores Chest.


Ores Chest


This new feature brings 36 New Items to the game! 18 of them being chests and 18 of them being keys.
Those items are:

  • Diamond Strongbox / Key
  • Wooden Strongbox / Key
  • Golden Strongbox / Key
  • Copper Strongbox / Key
  • Silver Strongbox / Key
  • Ebony Strongbox / Key
  • Jade Strongbox / Key
  • Clamshell Strongbox / Key
  • White Gold Strongbox / Key
  • Crystal Strongbox / Key
  • Amethyst Strongbox / Key
  • Heaven's Tear Strongbox / Key
  • Crystal Soul Strongbox / Key
  • Ruby Strongbox / Key
  • Grenat Strongbox / Key
  • Emerald Strongbox / Key
  • Sapphire Strongbox / Key
  • Tourmaline Strongbox / Key

Designed to simplify your experience and to add a pinch of randomness to the game while still allowing you to do what you were doing, those items will drop based on your level and on every monsters. Which means you will always get chests and / or keys matching to your level and the jewels you might want to wear!




As stated above, those items stands in the crossroad between ore mining and farming. Which means that you might randomly get a key or a chest, or even both upon killing a monster. In those chests, you will get exciting rewards that will help you in your adventure, mostly in your current level thresold.

  • Jewelry based on the Chest.
    • You are able to get Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces in the chest. They often come in a good quality, reaching up to +6!
  • Ores and Refined Ores.
    • You are able to get different amount of Ores and even an already Refined Ore from the chest. A Silver Strongbox might give you up to 200 Silver OresSilver Ore or even 1 SilverSilver.
  • Upgrade Items.
    • You are able to get 2 of every items needed to upgrade the jewelry from your chest. A Silver Strongbox might give you 2 Ornamental HairpinsOrnamental Hairpins as this items is needed to upgrade a Silver NecklaceSilver Necklace to +9 .
  • Miscellaneous
    • Rarely, you might get a hefty sum of experience and / or Blessing Scrolls Blessing Scrolls.


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