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Group Heal

Apr 15, 2023 5:29 AM2 Views     1 Comments

Spotlight #1




Welcome on the first spotlight! The spotlight today is upon the brand new feature that will roll out with the 3.24 Internal Update. The Group Heal.


Group Heal


The Group Heal is designed to give more importance to the party leader. The leader should definitely be more than just the person who clicked on the "Invite to Party" button. He must lead his group to victory through his actions as well as having a strong understanding of the Leadership through theoretical training through the read of Sung-Zi, Wu-Zi and Wei-LiaoZi.

The Group Heal is a feature designed to Heal the party whenever the group leader wants it. But watch out, there will be consequences such as a cooldown and a few requierements. So make sure to use it intelligently!




  • Reach level 18 in Leadership.
  • Have at least one Shaman in your team.
  • Have the skill ready.
    • 30 Minutes cooldown if your Leadership is below level P.
    • 10 Minutes cooldown if your Leadership has reached level P.
    • Note : Party leader will be notified through a big notice when the skill will be ready. If you try to use the skill before you can actually do it, a message with the remaining cooldown time will be prompted to the leader.


How is it working?


  • When the leader will click on the button in the group menu, he will be able to heal the team.
  • All party member will have their health and mana restored to the maximum.
  • If the character is a Shaman, he will lose 75% of his mana. Putting it to zero if he has less. So use it carefully.
    • If you have more Shaman in your team, the amount of mana will be shared between Shamans. However it has a ceiling so every characters will use a minimum amount of Mana.
  • A message will be printed to every characters, this message will vary depending on the status of the character (Leader, Shaman, Other).


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